You want your event to be unique and unforgettable. No matter whether you are planning a private or a business occasion. You want your event to be tailored to your own unique personality. We help you to achieve this goal, all the way from the right event idea, via the organization phase, up to execution of your event. This way you can relax, and fully indulge in your own Precious Moment.

Many kinds of private occasions could have a very special meaning for you, ranging from the most intimate to the grandest of settings. As the host, you want to enjoy your time with your family your friends and your guests, savoring each and every instant. We cover the organizational chores for you, freeing up your time and attention for the essence of celebrating your Precious Moment.


Unforgettable dinner invitations, a lunch with many – or maybe just with your best friends, the smallest – or the largest – of anniversaries, your own birthday – or that of a special person in your life, a wedding, a special celebration in the festive season. Also, comprehensive holiday arrangements including flight recommendations, hotel ideas, and suggestions on activities or restaurants.

You want your business event to carry your specific message into the heart of your target group with the unique tonality of your company. We plan and style your event, effectively incorporating your message into the gathering and implanting it in the memory of your audience.


An important product launch, a significant company anniversary, celebrating a special business deal, international customer visits, communicating with your most important customers or agents, conferences and workshops with a tailormade atmosphere.